How can Slick help you?


Take the stress out of running your salon

Slick has the tools to make running your salon easy and enjoyable. The modern calendar makes creating or checking out appointments quick and easy. You can amend the price and duration of appointments to suit each client, while the day or week view allows you to keep control of your diary. Our customer support team is also available 7 days a week to help you with whatever you need.


Turning admin into something you enjoy

Your bespoke salon dashboard provides a clear visual representation of your salon’s performance. The full reporting suite will help you keep track of salon revenue, rebooking rate, client visits, as well as stylist specific KPI and hours worked reports. Alongside this, the cash up function ensures you don’t have to spend hours at the end of the day manually adding up takings.


Business tools to make your life easier

Slick’s business tools include two-way text reminders and online booking to help you reduce no-shows and increase client numbers. Have your own stock app on your iPhone that allows you to add stock in and scan stock out for retail sale or in-salon use, it is also integrated with L’Oréal’s catalogue of products.