Shaun Slater Gould, Worthing


Situated on the south coast, Shaun Slater Gould is a stunning salon that has been offering exceptional service since 1998. Looking to continue to offer his clients an amazing experience and save the business money, Shaun switched to Slick in May 2019

3 months after joining Slick and leaving behind his old system, we caught up with Shaun to see how he and his team have found the switch.

3 months, 3 questions, 3 answers & 1 very happy owner!

SSG salon

Slick: “People sometimes worry that process change will disrupt a business, how did you find the change of system?”

Shaun: “You were fantastic in your communication and training. Once we agreed the switch, Slick was able to integrate all our appointments from the previous system to Slick along with client details. We found the transition from our previous system to Slick to be so smooth with no problems and no interruption to our business.”


Slick: “Educating the team, whether it be colour, retail or on salon systems is key in our industry, how have the team coped with change?”

Shaun: “The communication from Slick is fantastic, instant online chat with helpful tips and answers to any questions we have with day to day queries. We have found the system to be so easy to use and all the staff love it”

Copy of 50% of bookings out of office hours

Slick: “What is the biggest benefit you seen since moving to Slick?”

Shaun: “The online booking feature is an absolute must for any salon wishing to boost their bookings, we get so much feedback from clients who find it so easy to book, especially in out of salon hours.”

I cannot recommend Slick highly enough to any salon wishing to switch from their current software or paper bookings
— Shaun Slater Gould, Owner