Why Oskar Pink salons switched to Slick

Oskar Pink was started in 2007 by Stavros Konstantinou who wanted to provide an alternative to the generic high street chain salons; who wanted to do things a little different. Based across London, each of the three salons have switched to Slick salon management software. Stavros explains why...

“We have been using salon software for over 10 years but have always had issues in one way or another. Firstly, the cost of previous systems across our multiple sites has meant that we have had limited access to services. As a small chain, we could not access larger add ons such as online booking - essential to any business working in this digital age - without upgrading our subscription plan. Secondly, the system we had in place meant that we were very reliant on the service provides themselves. If the system went wrong we felt very much at their mercy and at times even out of control - not a feeling any salon owner wants to experience.

“Switching over to Slick has been one of the best business decisions I have made. Salon software needs to be simple enough that staff can pick it up and use it quickly, but comprehensive enough that business owners feel like the running of their salon is in capable hands, Slick strikes that balance perfectly.

“The look and feel of Slick is much nicer than any software I have used before - it doesn’t matter how hard you try to angle your desktop, clients are nosey and always want to see what is going on! Now I’m not worried when clients peer round and see what we are doing as the system is seamless and professional.

“The fact you have the ability to search for clients is in an instant means my staff aren’t wasting time manually scrolling through lists, and with one click of a button you can access client notes, colour history and previous appointments, which really does make a difference to the smooth running of our business. Clients are having to wait less, are receiving a first-class service and returning time and time again.

“Online booking, a service we previously couldn’t afford, is free, which is a real breakthrough. Combined with the free two-way SMS reminders, which help reduce no-shows dramatically, these tools have empowered the business and I’m not having to worry about huge cost implications.

“Finally the customer support we have received since signing up to Slick has been amazing. You receive a response to your question almost before you have sent it and the information is always exactly what you need. I would recommend Slick to any business owner looking for a real business solution. Manage and grow your salon with less stress, it’s a no brainer!”

Dexter Paine