How can Slick online booking benefit your salon?

If you are wondering which restaurant to go to this weekend or where your next holiday destination might be, where do you look? Let me guess, online?

Online booking for industries such as travel and hospitality has become fundamental to delivering an outstanding customer experience, as well as being integral to increasing sales. So much so that:

  • Digital travel sales in 2018 are expected to reach $198 billion, with more than 140 million U.S. adults researching a trip online
  • 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience

Consumer habits are the same for the hair and beauty industry, however, the majority of salons don't offer online booking. This can be put down to 2 reasons, previously it has been either difficult to integrate or suppliers charge high fees making it costly.

Imagine being able to offer online bookings as part of your software, with bookings going directly into your calendar and no commission fees...welcome to Slick online booking! Clients can book online in a few simple steps, filing those last minute empty chairs, while you spend time doing what you love.

Still not sure if you really need online booking for your business, take a look at some of Slick's statistics from salons using our online tool:

  • 50% of online bookings are made outside of salon opening hours
  • 40% of online bookings are for appointments within 48 hours
  • 25% of online bookings are for appointments within 24 hours
  • 10% of salon bookings on Slick are coming from new online customers

Slick's online booking tool will increase your client base without you wasting time or money and the best part... it uses smart logic that prevents gaps being left in the salon schedule so you still have space for walk in or phone clients.

Slick online booking is completely customisable allowing you to decide which services and which stylists can be booked online so you stay in control of your business and your clients.

Dexter Paine