How Numero Dix increased their bookings

Hear how Kerry grew her business with less staff all thanks to Slick

Client experience
Increase bookings
Earn more
Attract clients

Want more bookings & more clients?

Kerry Dickson from Numero Dix shares how she transformed her business

She now earns more with 3 members of staff than she did with 5 members of staff!

More bookings and record profits!

In 4 years, Kerry grew her business by 41%. No extra staff. Just more bookings!

Here's how she did it....

Increasing client retention

She had lots of regulars but the regulars did not fill every single slot.

This meant her occupancy was around 60%

Empty slots were losing her money as she still had to pay rates, wages and overheads even whilst those chairs sat empty.

By working with her Slick Business Coach, Kerry saw that not all clients were coming back.

Those non-regulars were also leaving it longer between visits!

  • Kerry set up a series of retention prompts or 'nudges' as she calls them!
  • If a client has not been in for 7 weeks and does not have a booking in the diary then they get a personalised message to encourage them to book back in!
  • If a client has not been in for 24 weeks and still does not have a booking in the diary then they get a customised offer.

Kerry has total control over the messages and any offers she wants to run.

It works too: by using the Automated Client Retention tools in Slick, Kerry increased client visits by 13%!

Going online

Kerry's old system didn't give her enough control to go online.

Clients were sending DMs via WhatsApp and social media and one day she realised she was missing out on bookings.

A client DM'd her about a booking and when she replied a few hours later the client said "they were now busy and couldn't come in. That was £40 lost that she wouldn't get back"

She started slowly. She started by offering blow-dries and cuts. The feedback from clients was amazing- clients loved booking when it suited them. It felt like Kerry was offering a better level of customer service.

The feedback from Kerry's accountant was even more amazing! More clients, more bookings and more money!

She then worked with her Business Coach to start taking colour bookings. With a higher average bill, taking more colour bookings boosted her results even more.

After a year her bookings had increased 22%.

"Slick is a game changer"

Despite losing 2 staff members, Numero Dix is now busier than ever before. Kerry is fully booked every month and has clients on a waitlist! She even has filled 90% of next months diary!

Numero Dix is consistently one of the busiest salons in the UK

Kerry offers an amazing service level with a super talented team. This is the bedrock of her success.

Automated marketing and Online booking is the cherry on top: they allow clients to book in quickly and easily. These tools help Kerry control her business and increase her profits. These tools have grown her business by 41% in 4 years!

If you want to see the impact this could have on your business then use our calculator below to work out how much MORE you could earn 👇👇👇

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