How SlickPay makes my life as a business owner easier

Hear how Kerry at Numero Dix in Campbeltown took control by switching her payments to SlickPay.

Slick have partnered with Stripe to launch SlickPay, a new way to take in-store payments which means:

  • No end-of-day headaches checking cash up
  • No missing payments
  • Easy reconciliation for your accountant

Our Co-Founder Rob gave Kerry at Numero Dix a call to see how she was getting on with her new SlickPay card machine and to ask her a few questions about why she ditched her old card reader and how SlickPay has helped her business.

So Kerry, you’ve been using SlickPay for a month now! What’s it been like?

“I used to spend hours a week comparing my Slick reports to my end of day card print out! I HATED it!

They never added up and I thought to myself this is mad: I’m wasting hours of my week comparing numbers only to realise that I missed a payment or recorded it wrong.

SlickPay has helped my day-to-day admin & cash up. It’s saved me HOURS! Honestly Rob, it’s made such difference!

The card terminal is very clear and super easy to use. It’s just so easy. You can go to ‘Menu > Cash-Up’ and everything’s there. Simple!!”

How has it helped you as a business owner?

“It’s given me more control!

I now see my takings in REAL-TIME, every day, at the click of a button, so you’re on top of everything.

Looking back, I had no idea what I was actually taking. With costs rising, it’s so important for us owners to track every penny and now I can! No more missing bills or incorrect amounts!

It will also help myself and my accountant enormously. It’s coming up to my year-end and it’s just going to be so much quicker and easier for us both to consolidate everything.

What’s the biggest difference versus your old provider?

“I just love the way it’s all linked up with the system!

Before, if I had a question about a payment or payout, I would wait for hours on the phone! With Slick, the support is there at the click of a button for any help required. It’s taken the stress off me as a salon owner, knowing that my trusted Slick partners have done all the hard work for me. It’s saved me so much time.

What has the reaction from your clients been so far?

“Firstly, it’s paperless, which means it’s great for the environment.

The old carbon paper receipts are an environmental disaster, so we were keen to get rid of them as it’s important for us all to do our bit for the planet.

Clients love that it’s linked to their email!

I can pop their bill straight to them AND it’s itemised. It’s quicker too: they can pay their bill whilst in the chair which means no queues at reception.”

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