Marketing offers guaranteed to fill a diary

Boost your diary and get clients booked back in with targeted and affordable marketing

The secrets to good marketing

You’ve decided to do some marketing to increase bookings but now you’re not sure what the right offer is? Do we do % discount or a free treatment?

Well you’ve come to the right place as we’re going to give you the secret to what works for your fellow Slick salons! We’ve analysed over half a million marketing messages to see what are the key ingredients in getting as many clients into your salon as possible!

Audience: the right clients

“Clients understand you have a business to run and bills to pay so don’t be shy about offering new services.” - Rob, Co-Founder at Slick

There are reasons why you would want to look at both your current clients and your lost clients.

Current clients: increase how often they come to the salon

  1. Remind them to top up their nails in between regular colour or cut visits.
  2. Offer them a blow-dry or fringe trim in between colour appointments
  3. They are great for last minute gap filling!

Lost clients: tempt them back before someone else snaps them up

  1. Maybe they are getting their hair done at home. Remind them how amazing the salon is!
  2. Maybe they forgot about you and just need a friendly reminder 👋
  3. Maybe they tried another salon and don’t like it so just need a nudge 😄
  4. We need to tempt them back with a reason to come back to you!

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The secret sauce: great messages fill diaries

At Slick, we have analysed salon campaigns to guide you on what works best i.e what has the highest return on your spend. We want to generate the most bookings for the lowest cost!

Current clients: communicate the price

Most salons do either % or £ discount but which is better?! Our analysis shows messages with a fixed price e.g Blowdry for £40 generate 70% more money than % discounts

Why?  Because clients don’t know your price list by heart. If you say 10% off they don’t know if the service is going to cost them £80 or £40.

If you don’t want to offer discount then just tell them the normal price as it helps reassure the client.

Current clients: best campaigns

  1. October Offer at [salon name] Gents Cut & Blowdry OR Express Blowdries only £20 with [stylist name] Book @ [insert booking link]. Offer20
  2. Treat yourself at [insert salon name]  next week. Manicure & Pedicure £40 only. Offer ends [date]. Book now to avoid disappointment 01202 XXXXXX using code M40
  3. AMAZING offer at [salon name]...GEL NAILS & EYEBROW WAX only £25. Book online at [insert booking link] OR call 01202 XXXXXX to book
“It’s 7 times cheaper to retain a lost client than win a new one. If a client visited 3 times and hasn’t been back in 24 weeks, you have a choice. Lose them to another salon or tempt them back- what are you going to do?” - Pia Jackson, Senior Slick Business Coach

Lost/lapsed clients: give them a nudge

  • It’s similar with lost clients: communicating a £ price performs better than a % discount
  • However before we offer £5/10 discount let’s think why they haven’t been back.
  • Maybe they didn’t leave due to price, maybe they just need a little prompting to book back in.
  • If you don’t want to offer discount then just tell them the normal price as it helps reassure the client.
  • However we do need to give them a reason to come back! What would make your return?

Lost clients: best campaigns

  1. We miss you & haven’t seen you for a while! Get £5 off your next appointment at [salon name'] Call us on 01202 XXXXXX
  2. [Salon name] Holistic package- includes Indian head massage, Hopi ear candles and SPA leg and foot massage. OFFER PRICE ONLY ** £55** Code 25%OFF
  3. [Salon name'] would love to see you back in the salon and we have appointments .  Quote 10 when booking 01202 XXXXXX

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