Growing your business with dedicated support

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Take your salon to the next level with a Slick business coach

Here at Slick, we know our salons are some of the best in the business, offering incredible services and client experiences that are second to none. But running a salon comes with its own share of hardships and difficulties and while you’re great at what you do, some sides of the business might not come so easily.

This is why our Slick business coaches are hand to offer help and advice on every aspect of managing a successful salon.

Hitting your business goals

“Salons get dedicated educational support from their product brands. Why not get the same educational support from their software provider?”

Robert Smith, Co-founder of Slick

When you first join Slick, your area manager will onboard you and complete your initial Slick training. Once you’re feeling confident with the software, you’ll then receive your very own Slick business coach. Our business coaches are experts in the industry, with a wealth of experience and knowledge in helping salons achieve their goals. Once a month you’ll meet with your coach on a one-to-one basis. This is a chance for you to ask questions, raise any concerns you might have and discuss areas of your business you would like to grow.

With such a range and depth of experience, Slick business coaches can help you with anything from creating scripts for your staff to use when it’s time to have difficult conversations with customers to using sales techniques to upsell products. They’ll also be able to identify key areas to improve on that you might not be aware of and give you a heads-up on emerging booking trends or industry-specific insights. From your meetings, they’ll create a bespoke business plan tailored to you so that together you can work towards securing your salon’s future.

Connecting you with like-minded salon owners

But we don’t stop there, alongside your business plan you’ll also have access to our online masterclasses and webinars. Run by experts these are designed to help educate and inspire and cover a range of topics including how to retain staff, tackle rising costs and quick wins to improve your client’s salon experience.

But we know one of the best ways to learn is from your peers and community is at the heart of everything we do. Running a salon can be hard work and no one understands better than your fellow salon owners in the Slick community. This is why we created community events where you can connect with like-minded salon owners and share ideas, things you’ve learnt or what’s been working for you.

All the benefits of a business coach, without the expensive costs

When it comes to the best way to grow your business, it can be tempting to hire a third-party business coach. While there are some well-established and reputable coaches out there it’s important to choose carefully whose advice you take otherwise it could end up costing you more in the long run. Before you sign a contract or hand over any money think about what it is you need from your coach because the chances are your Slick business coach offers it already.

Our business coaches are free of charge and included in your contract with Slick. Our business coaches make it their mission to get to know your business inside and out, including your past experience and where you see your salon going in the future.

Not only do they know who you are and understand the industry but they’re the best people out there to make sense of your Slick data. Let’s be real, no one knows our tools better than we do so it makes sense to be guided and coached by someone who knows what they’re doing. When a Slick business coach analyses your data they create a report and plan that’s totally unique to your business and implement features that we know will work best to support you.

Education versus Support- what is the difference?

Customer Support Team

The wonderful team that operate the Live Chat bubble 7-days a week are here for your technical and urgent queries from 8am-8pm.

If you need help with resetting your password or have a technical issue then please contact them via the Live Chat system in the bottom right corner of your screen.

If your issue or question is urgent then this is the best way to request support as we have a dedicated team standing by who aim to respond in under 5 minutes to all queries.

If you prefer to call rather than type then give us a call and our Team will support you over the phone!

Education Team

“I’ve just had my numbers back for 2022 from my accountant - we are up 29% in revenue and down 11% in salon outgoings. I attribute that entirely to my coach and to Slick.”

— Lucie Harrington, Owner

If you require a 30 minute 1-2-1 session with the Education Team then these can be booked via your Business Coach or Live Chat.

These educational 30 minute sessions are designed to train you on getting the most out of specific features within Slick to grow your business and help you deliver a 5-star client experience.  

The team will be unable to assist on technical queries such as password resets or technical queries: their superpower is helping business owners grow their business. They are not technically trained on code and all things techy!

For any technical troubleshooting you will be passed to the Support Team

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