Worried about self employed and tax?

SlickPay has been designed for chair renters. Easy payments which keeps your books tidy

Cut costs
Client experience
Save time
Monitor your business

44% of owners said their #1 worry was tax...

In a recent Creative Head survey, nearly 1 in 2 owners said they consider taxes to be their #1 problem

If you have Chair Renters or Self Employed staff then ensuring you pay the correct taxes for your employed business is critical. You don't want to be paying taxes on your Chair Renter or Self Employed staff's earnings

With 70%+ of staff in the UK registering as Self Employed, its really important you separate employed revenue from self employed takings.

If you don't keep it separate, HMRC could look at your business and say that you should pay tax on ALL revenues, both employed AND self employed.

More tax = a big problem for salon owners. This could mean paying backdated tax and NIC for self-employed staff for up to 5 years. When a salon owner is hit with such a huge cost, many businesses are forced to close.

How can Slick software help?

Slick has helped owners like Gill from Head Kandy simplify their admin and client experience.

"We absolutely love it...this machine is a game changer... one machine allows us to stay professional" Gill at Head Kandy

Listen to Gill as she explains how SlickPay has improved their client experience and business

Slick helps owners like you in three ways

1. Split Reporting

You tell the diary which staff members are employed or self employed.

Slick does the clever bit of separating their takings so there is no confusion.

Both owner and chair renter can login with unique pin codes to see reports that show their correct earnings and send them to their accountant.

2. Split Salon Payments

Previously owners had 2 options.

  1. A single card machine which means tax risks.
  2. Lots of card machines which means client chaos

Slick makes your checkout & payments.... well... Slick!

One card machine that automatically splits the bill and puts the right amount in the right bank account

You tell us who is employed and who is self-employed. Tell us their bank account and we do the rest!

No painful paperwork

No awkward HMRC questions

No bank transfers or admin

And at 1.29% + VAT, it's cheaper than SumUp, Zettle and Square so your team will love it as we will often save them money!

3. Commissions

One reason many owners take ALL payments via one card machine is to ensure they correctly invoice chair renters for the right commissions or rental fee

However with all payments going into one account, HMRC might investigate this to see if all takings are actually yours.

Slick gives salon and barber owners the best of both worlds

By splitting payments to the right service provider, it keeps your books clean for HMRC

But by putting all payments through SlickPay, you as the owner can see exactly what each chair renter has taken and ensure you correctly invoice them for the right commission

"One of my staff under declared their earnings which meant i was losing out on hundreds of pounds of commission a month. Now I can see what they earn and ensure I invoice correctly for the rental fee they owe me" James, Bonds Barbershop

Low-cost salon payments

At 1.29% + VAR and with no monthly rental fees, SlickPay is more cost effective than many card providers.

And it's a lot cheaper than an HMRC investigation or fine.

Can you afford to take the risk?

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