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Natasha Hodges

5 stylist hair salon. Ex Shortcuts user.

How Slick helped Natasha cut costs & grow

"We get so many positive remarks from clients who find it so easy to book their colour or cut online when it suits them. Whether its 9am or 9pm, you can book easily!"
— Natasha Hodges, Owner of Natasha Hodges Hair, Tunbridge Wells

As a salon known for their precision cutting and professional colour, Natasha Hodges looks for partners that can offer her team and her clients the very best.

They pride themselves on the latest knowledge, skill and specialisation to make their clients look and feel amazing. A world-class system for Natasha is vital to making this dream become the reality.

Moving from Shortcuts to Slick was am obvious move for this forward thinking owner who demands nothing but the best for herself and her clients. Here's why...

Why did you change software?

"We were fed up with our old system."

“I chose to switch to Slick because we were fed up with our old system: it was expensive, it crashed constantly and it felt out of date. Our L’Oréal rep recommended we look at Slick as L’Oréal partner with them and they are built by hairdressers for hairdressers.”

What was your biggest fear?


"Switching can be daunting: will the team be able to use the new system? What happens to my client data? Do I lose it?

Slick were amazing! They set up my new account and moved all my client data over…for free! I didn’t have to lift a finger. They showed me and the team how to use everything and then I got my Junior to move all the bookings over which was great practice for her!"

Best thing about Slick?

“The online booking and the support."

"The online booking is SO smart: it’s been designed by L‘Oréal so they’ve thought of the details - it asks clients for a patch test and makes them book a blow-dry if they are having colour. It’s the same process as my receptionist follows if taking a booking over the phone.

The biggest difference compared to our old system is the support. We used to wait for hours. Now we can get help in minutes from the Live Chat bubble. They are always releasing new features to help us and we always get trained on them so it makes running the salon so easy.”

How has the change helped your business?

"Overall it’s definitely grown the business by 10-20% easily and made my life much more stress-free."

"Firstly we halved our software bill which massively helps. The fact that we get free reminders in our plan has reduced our cancellations by about 50% and then the online booking means we get more bookings as people can book when it suits them.”

"Slick has made my life much more stress-free."
decrease in cancellations

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4 stylist hair salon. Ex Phorest user.

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