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Purdy & Power

12 stylist hair and beauty salon. Ex SalonIQ user.

Upgrading software for a 5-star client experience

"Slick is a breath of fresh air and a huge upgrade on SalonIQ. As a manager, I’m more in control and have the tools to grow the business and give our clients the service they deserve"
Alanis Power, Manager at Purdy & Power, Kent

Founded in 2005, Purdy and Power focuses on quality and experience. Gabriella Power and Sara Purdy wanted to create a welcoming space with a team of passionate stylists and beauticians.

As Wella Colour Masters, they deliver a colour service and experience that can not be matched.

The challenge they had was that their old salon software was not at the same level of excellence. Clients wanted to book online and they couldn’t offer what they wanted.

The little touches such as Google reviews or birthday cards were missing and it was taking the edge of the premium experience the team wanted to deliver

In November 2021, they turned to Slick to help them digitally transform their client experience to ensure they stood out on the High Street. Alanis and Gabby explain how...

Was it easy to switch software?

“Switching 6 weeks before Christmas….you’re mad!”

“When I told the owners we were switching software weeks before Christmas, they said "You better be right about this…", but I was 100% confident.” explains Alanis when Slick caught up with her.

I knew for us to have a good Christmas we had to move systems. With SalonIQ we couldn’t take deposits or allow clients to book online to fill last minute slots. The fact that Slick give you the appointment reminders as part of the package was the clincher as this was going to stop cancellations which could have cost us thousands.”

Alanis’ Top Tips for Switching?

  • Be clear to the staff why you are doing it and make them feel part of it
  • Block out half day for training. Slick will do the training for your team for free.
  • Don’t stress. Slick moved all our client history and details for free.

How does Slick help you offer clients a 5-star  experience?

“Our clients love it!”

“Salons claim to be 5-star yet if you book a 5-star hotel you can book and pay online. Clients expect the same from their salon.” explains Alanis.

"We are big social media users and we used to get loads of DMs asking for bookings. I spent more time on Instagram than I did cutting or colouring. In partnership with Instagram, Slick installed a Book Now button on their page which connected their page to the online booking.

Now clients see content from the team and can book a blow-dry without leaving the page. 55% of bookings are made after the salon is shut as this is when clients are relaxing at home after work. It’s not just the booking experience that has improved” says Alanis.

“We now have access on an iPad to their notes and profile so we can do a full consultation in the chair with all the info we need. It just makes it so Slick.”

What's the best thing about Slick?

"Education is our passion. Slick shares that passion."

The team at Purdy & Power invest in training their staff and promote a culture of ‘always learning’. One of the big reasons behind moving to Slick was Education explained Alanis.

"It’s really important as a salon owner to learn from others and get new ideas. What we loved about Slick was that they aren’t just a software system like the others: I get a business coach and education to help me run the business. That makes a big difference.”

By working with Pia their business coach, Purdy and Power have been able to double their 5-star Google Reviews and with 15% of their bookings now coming online they have transformed the way their clients book with access to last minute slots and a booking experience that suits their lifestyle

"Slick aren't just a software system like the others."
of bookings via Slick marketing

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Shaun Slater Gould

4 stylist hair salon. Ex paper diary user.

4 stylist hair and beauty salon. Ex paper diary user.


4 stylist hair salon. Ex Phorest user.

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