A salon appointment book that won't date


Your appointment book is the heart of your business, holding a huge amount of information, whilst keeping your salon business ticking over. But are you one of the 70% of salons in the UK where this appoinment book still takes the form of old-fashioned pen and paper?

Although tried and tested, pen and paper means you are subjected to scribbled and unreadable appointments, and a limited amount of space.

Why not switch to a diary that gives you control, security and saves you time? It’s a no brainer really…

I cannot recommend Slick highly enough to any salon wishing to switch from their current software or paper bookings
— Shaun Slater Gould, Owner

Why use an online salon appointment book?


It’s quicker than pen & paper

Software will provide a real-time calendar, so you can book a client in ahead of time at the touch of a button rather than aimlessly flicking through pages and pages. It reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing you and your stylists to spend time doing what you want to be doing. It makes editing, compiling and managing your appointments simple and stress-free.


It gives you control & security

Using a digital appointment book removes the possibility of undecipherable handwriting ensuring your calendar remains clear and legible for all members of staff. It also enables you to keep a record of client history accessible from each booking, providing staff with access to treatment history and client notes at the touch of a button. Say goodbye to endless records and say hello to a streamlined service!


You are not tied to the salon

Have you ever had someone get in touch at 10.30pm asking if you can fit them in for a quick cut the next day? A cloud-based appointment system ensures you always have access to your calendar, whether you are in the salon or on the road. This allows you to add and amend bookings round the clock or simply check to see what your diary is looking like for the following day.


Want to read a client success story?

“Clients are having to wait less, are receiving a first-class service and returning time and time again.”