Don’t let client records spin out of control


Knowledge is power when it comes to improving client retention and loyalty. To retain your clients you must understand them; learning their preferences, their dislikes and habits.

Knowing details like your client’s hair type, allergy information, appointment history and colour formulation is vital when delivering a first-class service.

So why risk losing such high priority information on paper client cards that have limited space and can easily be misplaced?


Why should you digitalise client record cards?


Easliy accessible


When client information is scrawled on client record cards that are kept in a rollerdesk they can be both hard to read and hard to find. Time is wasted with staff riffling through bits of paper, only to find it hasn’t been put away in alphabetical order. Digital client records mean you can locate and access a client’s history in a few quick clicks.


Secure data


Your salon holds more personal data than you may realise - allergy information, contact details, birth dates -all of this information must be stored securely and only accessed by the individuals who have been granted permission from the client. Digital client records hold all the personal data in a secure cloud-based system that is backed up, ensuring you will never lose or misplace the information.


Unlimited history

Paper client cards can only fit a certain amount of information on, once it is full you will need to store it away and start again. Imagine 5 years into your business, hundreds of customers have been through the door, how do you plan on storing all that data? With an online system, there is no need to worry as you can store as much information as you like, all easily accessible through the client profile.


Want to read a client success story?

“Clients are having to wait less, are receiving a first-class service and returning time and time again.”