Salon calendar software that works


Although pen and paper is quick and easy to use it’s not the most efficient way to organise your appointments, your clients or your staff.

Illegible handwriting and immoveable appointments are just some of the issues you face, so why not let a digital salon calendar give you the flexibility you need to effectively run your salon?

The right salon calendar software should be built to update in real-time, be flexibile to the businesses needs and easy to access


Why should your salon use calendar software?



Digital calendar software allows you to personalise your calendar to suit your business, with a range of customisable features from colour coding your services, to changeable date ranges and working hours. You should choose a software engineered to deal with the complexities of your salon. 



An online calendar system gives you the ability to view the salon day at a glance; across treatments, times and stylists. It also allows you to move bookings around easily, make appointments longer or shorter and split them across stylists. A digital system also means you can access your calendar remotely with realtime updates - an agile system that you cannot compare to pen and paper!


Staff management

As part of your digital calendar software, you not only have the ability to manage your clients and bookings but also your staff. Good calendar software will have the capability to input regular days off for stylists so that you don’t have to waste time adding it in over and over.


Want to read a client success story?

“Clients are having to wait less, are receiving a first-class service and returning time and time again.”