Can software take your salon to the next level?


The right salon management software can revolutionise the way you run your business whilst allowing you to spend time doing what you really love.

Although it may be daunting, the right software will be easy to use and will make organising your business the same. Think about being able to access your calendar of appointments, client history and daily or weekly takings all in one place. 

Still wondering if salon management software is right for you?


Benefits of salon management software


Easy Scheduling

Scheduling an appointment can be the first initial contact that a customer has with your salon so you want to leave a positive first impression and make the process as smooth as possible. Digital software means you can easily book or amend an appointment by date and stylist with just the click of a button. Online scheduling also means clients are able to book at a time that is suitable for them, without even having to call the salon, providing flexibility and an improved customer experience.


Reduce no-shows

As part of your salon software package, you’ll receive automated SMS reminders that make it easy for your clients to confirm appointments or reschedule. Not only does this mean that you don’t have to manually follow up with people, but it also reduces your number of no-shows, saving your business time and money. Finding out ahead of time that people are unable to make their scheduled appointment also gives you an opportunity to fill slots you previously didn’t realise were available.


Increase Sales

Installing effective salon software will improve your earnings. Clients will benefit from a streamlined booking process which is guaranteed to increase their satisfaction. Additional tools, such as automated client follow up services, will ensure that individuals are encouraged to come back time and time again. What’s more, with a whole hoard of reports at your fingertips, you can set goals, track your salon’s revenue and tailor marketing efforts, all will work towards increasing profitability.


Want to read a client success story?

“Clients are having to wait less, are receiving a first-class service and returning time and time again.”