Want a salon receptionist without the cost of hiring?


The majority of salons cannot justify the spend on a full-time receptionist, which often leaves stylists frequently running from foils to phones - this is stressful, distracting and inefficient.

Salon software could be your answer. The right system will accomplish all your organisational needs, without the cost of hiring or managing an additional team member. Think about salon software as a staff member who answers customer enquiries for you and lets you focus on attending to your clients.


Can software really do the job of a receptionist?


24/7 admin

Salon software has the ability to act as your virtual receptionist. One that knows your offering inside and out, knows when each staff member is working and the time it takes for every service on your system. But the greatest advantage is that your software works around the clock, allowing clients to book and change appointments at any time of day.


No interruptions

By managing all your online bookings, and encouraging clients to book online, digital software ensures that your stylists are not disrupted by constant phone calls. As all staff are working more efficiently you should see appointments taking less time, and more clients fitted in each day.


Client satisfaction

With a virtual receptionist, you are able to spend more time focusing on the clients in the chair. With no interruptions throughout your appointments, you are able to fully dedicate your time to your clients whilst they are in the salon, which in turn will improve client satisfaction. You can do what you love while your calendar fills up.


Want to read a client success story?

“Clients are having to wait less, are receiving a first-class service and returning time and time again.”