Salon scheduling software to revolutionise your business


Salon scheduling might not be a complicated task, but it is one all salons need to get right. Double-bookings, lost appointments and other salon scheduling disasters all lead to your clients not having a great experience.

In an industry where client relationships are so fundamental, you cannot afford to let scheduling get in the way.


Key features to look for in salon scheduling software


Online Booking

The modern customer expects and demands ease and speed from all their services - online booking provides that for your clients. Online booking should be as simple as possible for your clients to use. The right salon schedling software will be intuative, for example, allowing returning customers to rebook online, automatically including details such as time it takes to colour and stylist of choice, giving your clients a great online experience.


Access from anywhere

Robust salon scheduling software should be accessible from all devices - mobile, PC, laptop or iPad - from any location, as long as you have good internet access. Your clients should be able to access your salon calendar online and you should benefit from booking in appointments on the go.



When a new appointment is made online, your salon software should be set up so that you receive a notification. This will ensure there are no surprises in that calendar, but it will also give you an opportunity to confirm each of the bookings made giving you full control of your business.


Want to read a client success story?

“Clients are having to wait less, are receiving a first-class service and returning time and time again.”