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How to make your clients obsessed

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Slick:Ed Episode 11
How to be successful

Learn practical tips on mindset and motivation, maximising profit, how to save time and money with automation and delegation, and pitfalls to avoid to prevent burn-out.

State of the Industry - Q2 2023
State of the Industry - Q2 2023

See how you're stacking up against the competition!

Slick:Ed Episode 10
Rebooking vs. Retention

Strategies from successful salon owners to help your team get bums back on seats.

Slick:Ed Episode 9
How to earn money in your sleep
No items found.

How to turn 'likes' into paying clients, attract new clients and work less.

Slick:Ed Episode 8
How to build a winning team
No items found.

Advice from successful managers on motivating a team

Slick:Ed Episode 7
Spring forward to Summer
No items found.

Ideas for summer events and offers and dealing with quiet periods and holidays

State of the Industry - Q1 2023
Inside scoop on Industry Secrets
No items found.

Benchmark data on Occupancy, average bill and lots more!

Slick:Ed Episode 6
Working hard? It's hardly working!
No items found.

Top time-saving tips for working ON your business.

Slick:Ed Episode 5
Employed vs Self-employed
No items found.

A deep-dive into the pros and cons of employed and self-employed.

Slick:Ed Episode 4
How to give your business an MOT
No items found.

The 4 numbers you need to track to make your business profitable.

Slick:Ed Episode 3
Create the perfect client experience
No items found.

Does your booking experience match your backwash? Is your business inclusive?

Slick:Ed Episode 2
Tips to help your team fill the till
No items found.

How to help your team fill every last slot and earn more!

Slick:Ed Episode 1
Pricing Matters: Know Your Worth
No items found.

How to communicate a price increase, gender-neutral pricing and more!

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